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Training with Emilie Celine begins with an initial evaluation of your overall fitness history and health habits. Depending on your fitness levels, Emilie helps creating an individualized game plan tailored to all your needs and desires. She will guide you through your workout, and will help you push yourself so you get the best possible results from your training — in person or online if you're stuck at home.

Emilie has a plan for everyone... either to lose weight, gain muscles, prevent back pain, gain strenght, long & lean muscles, or prepare for a competition or an event. She wants to spread true body love and happiness.

Unlock your full potential to advance your career and your personal journey! Do not wait until tomorrow, start now with my new 3-month transform challenge now also available online!




All body shapes and sizes


Tailor-made program based on Exos.

the world’s most elite training system

Intense, results-oriented and fun

one-hour session


Train outdoors, in private gym, or at home

(if you value privacy) or via Zoom

Suitable to your schedule (7am - 8pm)

Nutrition guidance

Free consultation

Prices from 85CHF per online session
from 120CHF per in-person session


Get your staff happier, reduce stress and improve overall health 

Tailor-made program based on Exos. the world’s most elite training system

Team building and lunch activities that inspire, excite, motivate, and challenge

Intense bodyweight training sessions

Suitable to your company schedule

Free consultation

Prices upon request

*Noticeable results can be seen after only 4 sessions or less depending on your lifestyle.



Science-based training system. Performance oriented workouts. Balancing the 4 core pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement, and rest.
Smart training avoiding injury.
For all fitness levels. 

 We don’t do the same thing over and over. Each session is unique with a selection of diverse and fun exercises. I spice up your sessions with functional training, HIIT, and interval training. 
Incl. bodyweight, medicine ball, and bands.

Helping you listen to your body and train with it, not against it. We won't count each calorie but we can measure your body fat percentage on a regular basis.

Bonus, you will keep burning fat even after your workout is done.

Nutrition and fitness training go hand in hand. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, a personalized nutrition plan will help you achieve even greater success.

Transforming and boosting clients for a happier, healthier life. Based on regular communication with you, I could provide with breathing tips, post-workout self-massage advice, etc

Not sure where to start? Contact me to design together your custom program. The good news is that I have a plan for everyone, for absolute beginners to advanced clients.


Transform your body and upgrade your fitness and health levels in only 3 months, with a program tailored to you, your goals, abilities, and limitations. Push your limits and see your true potential NOW!



Contact Emilie, your personal trainer in Zürich with the form below, by e-mail or by phone for any inquiry or price request.

Emilie can be reached in french, english, or spanish. 


Napfgasse 4, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

078 745 4583



Expert personal training in Zürich City for
private one-on-one or partner trainings outside, at home, or in all-equipped studios located in Zürich West. Online personal training via Skype or Facetime.

No membership fees. Free consultations. Emilie will assess your current fitness level, review injuries or restrictions, set and reach together your short and

long-term training goals. 

English, french, and spanish speaking personal trainer.



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